Martina Schubert is a specialist for human resource and organisation development. For more than 25 years, she has been working for companies, public administration and non-profit organisations in more than 30 countries.

She has gathered a wide range of intercultural “know-how” and highly diverse experiences and combined them with her profound academic knowledge. This enables her to sensitively capture the specific requirements of a situation, to develop a solution strategy as appropriate, to implement and supervise it with empathy for the people and their needs and to sustainably root it in the given organisational structure within companies, administrations and non-profit organisations.


The pace of change is ever-growing, yet most organisational structures and the people working within them are struggling with this. Again and again, new processes need to be designed and individuals need to be assisted in doing so; fears of challenges also need to be released.


Martina Schubert can assist you in all questions regarding the international development of human resources and organisations, from the recruitment and continuing education of personnel up to the optimisation and support of the actual change processes.


Martina Schubert sees the tasks of any given project never in isolation, but principally in their relations and with all interdependencies that each change naturally triggers. On this basis she plans, implements and evaluates individually, methodically, systematically and target-oriented.